This is a call for papers for Project Controls Expo 2018 scheduled to take place on 14th Nov 2018. Please note papers from Exhibitors/Partners/Sponsors are excluded from this invitation.

Top 3 wining articles will be published in Project Controls Expo magazine and may also offer an opportunity to be presented at Expo. All papers will be reviewed by an independent panel of senior and esteemed Project Controls professionals.

  • In addition to including the articles in Expo magazine, papers will also be published in leading Project Management magazine (TBC).
  • Papers are invited from around the globe. If invited to present at Expo, winner will be reimbursed with travel cost (return economy flight ticket or economy rail fair and/or car fuel expenses at £0.25/mile) along with one night hotel stay near the venue and invite to the event dinner. Please note, Expo can offer only limited support to gain the visa to enter in UK and hence visa expenses and arrangement is the responsibility of winner/author.
  • All the approved papers will also be included on (unless the author chooses to opt out from this option).
  • Papers are invited for “Case Studies Zone”. Paper must be of within the domain of Project Controls (Planning, Scheduling, Cost Engineering and Estimating, Risk Management, Forensic analysis and/or Change management) and aligns to the theme of Case Studies Zone as listed below.
    • Case Studies Zone theme – In this zone, we aim to discuss “Real World” problems and issues that brings the application of Project Controls alive. This case study zone enables you to discuss the application of Project Controls in addressing the problems with top industry speakers with extensive global experience. A real opportunity to engage with and learn from those people who are prepared to share their personal knowledge.

Key terms, conditions and notes for submission of paper.

  • To present a paper, it must be submitted along with the abstract.
  • The deadline for submitting the paper is 30th Jul 2018 and must be reached to us via email only at
  • The paper must be in MS Word format. Adobe PDF format in addition to this will be be helpful.
  • Paper must be of within the domain of Project Controls (Planning, Scheduling, Cost Engineering and Estimating, Risk Management, Forensic analysis and/or Change management)
  • An abstract of paper must of 100-175 words and should address the major aspects of your paper. Summarize the scope and nature of the work upon which the paper is based. Note the relative emphasis of the paper on either research work or practical applications for projects. Describe the results presented in the paper and state specific conclusions of your work. Describe how these differ from results or conclusions of previous work on the same or similar subjects.
  • Paper must be within 1500-2500 words and must contain Abstract, Introduction, Brief author profile (not more than 100 words), Conclusion, Acronyms (if used any), Bibliography and Acknowledgement.
  • Papers may not contain actual intellectual property data and must focus on developing and describing concepts for practising Project Controls professionals. In general, please note this is NOT an appropriate forum for academic papers that are highly theoretical.
  • Papers centred on commercial products or endorsements will not be accepted.
  • Acceptance of your paper is not a guarantee that your paper will be included in competition; the technical evaluation/peer review of your paper will determine whether or not your paper will be accepted for award.
  • Once the paper is accepted, the copyrights of the paper will be owned by Project Controls Expo/Online.

In addition to abstract & your paper, please include the following information in your paper

  • Full Name (Incl. email, phone and company)
  • Primary Author (Incl. name, phone, email, country and company)
  • Secondary Author/s (Incl. name, phone, email, country and company
  • Subject Category (General Project Controls, Earned Value Management, Planning, Scheduling, Cost Engineering, Cost Estimating, Project Risk Management, Project Change Management and/or Forensic Schedule Analysis)
  • Signed disclaimer stating you are the content owner and do not infringe any copyrights

For any further information or if you any queries, please contact us at

PS - Employees from sponsoring organisations are NOT eligible.