Do you have a checklist for Sponsors/Partners to help them with setting up their stand?

  1. WiFi - There a common wi-fi setup, that is used by everyone - delegates and partners. It will be notified on arrival
  2. Table
    • 1 table. Table sizes for-
    • SILVER Sponsors- 2.5mX2m;
    • GOLD Sponsors- 3.5mX3m;
    • PLATINUM Sponsors 7mX3m
  3. Chairs - 2 – 4, depending on requirement
  4. Electrical outlets – one 13A power socket.
  5. Computer screens (and cables)– We do not provide this. However, most LCD screens when connected to laptops can be used as computer screens. LCD screens can also be order ed and pricing can be seen in Media Pack
  6. TV Screen for rolling display – There are range of options available. Please see our Media Pack for details and pricing.
  7. What else comes with the booth, or is available for rent – All exhibitors are offered complimentary table along with standard chairs and table cloth. Should you have any specialist or custom furniture requirement, please contact Emirates preferred supplier
  8. When could the stand be set up - Partners arriving by public transport or foot can enter at the Highbury West Entrance between turnstiles A/S on both days (15 Nov - between 1800 - 2100 hrs. and 16 Nov - Before 0800 hrs.) for setting up their exhibit.
  9. Is there anything specific that is not allowed (e.g. not allowed a roll-up, not allowed to hang a picture on the wall, etc.) – There are no restrictions if they fit within the stand space and do not cause any Health and Safety issues at site.
  10. Are there any images of stands or set up from past events to allow us to get an ideas on type of set up ? Yes, please see collection of images below from our last year event

Do you have any guidance on logistics for delivery and/or collection ? Delivering the goods:

All Exhibitors/Partners are required to affix AFC Events Collection label and AFC Delivery label on their consignment that needs shipping and/or collection stating-

  • Company name
  • Representative/s
  • Stand number
  • Function suite (i.e.,Highbury) and
  • Date of the event.

Please send us the copy of your collection label and delivery label at for our records.

Address for sending deliveries –

AFC Logistics
Security Entrance, Emirates Stadium
Queensland Road
N7 7AJ

Deliveries will then be taken up to the function room on the set-up day. For any further information you can directly write to stadium delivery at citing Project Controls Expo as reference

Collecting the goods - De-rig can be initiated soon after last session of the day. All packages that are due to be collected should be left in the room (Highbury Suite) post event and clearly labelled. These packages will then be held in the stadium’s secure storage (AFC Logistics - address as above), at the post room from where any courier can collect it by stating the name of the company, within 28 days (post the event) between business hours 9.00-17.00.

*Please Note: Due to a limited amount of storage, any packages that have not been collected within 28 days of the final day of the event will be at risk of being discarded.

How many people allowed on stand?

Maximum 4 people are allowed on a stand for standard size stands. For bigger stands, please contact us for guidance.

There are two ways and you can choose both-

1. Your organisation has been allocated promo code to allow its staff to attend the event for free. Each delegate need to add the provided promo code during the online registration process making their entry free. Please note, should they opt for any add on’s such as stadium tour or event dinners, the associated costs will be applied. If you have not received the promo code, please contact Amrita Biswas at

2. Another option is you provide full name, email and title of each of your staff who wish to attend the event to Amrita Biswas at , and she will get them registered using her admin access.

What is the availability for 1-on-1 meeting rooms, or locations in which one can set a meeting?

Partners can reserve an executive box and pricing is listed in Media Pack .

Is parking available at the stadium premises?

There is limited parking available in the stadium, but exhibitors/partners are welcome to drive in to drop off/collect. Access is via the Queensland Road address (see map below) -

There is a car park at the Sobell Leisure Centre on Hornsey Road where delegates can park for the day. The address is Sobell Leisure Centre, Hornsey Road, London, N7 7NY. More info at
Pedestrian entry is the Highbury West Entrance between turnstiles A & S. More info at venue (under “Direction” section)

*Please Note: we will require the driver name and vehicle registration of any car driving in to the stadium at least 7 days in advance.

What is the procedure for badge collection?

Once you submit all the information of your team members and/or clients, they will be registered via our admin access and will receive the QR via app to allow them to print the badge at venue.

Do you provide badge scanner and if so, what are the costs and when would the data be available?

Yes, Scanners can be ordered @ £95 each with additional ones @ £65 each. Sponsors can also pay additional @ £95 (additional @ £30) to allow them to get the data online within 24 hours. To order the scanner, contact Laura Burchell quoting reference “Project Controls Expo.”

Are there any additional available services that you offer, such as meeting coordination etc?

The event day is very busy and hence we won’t be able to coordinate any meetings for you. However, we will be happy to make couple of announcements via app notifications to support our partners.

Additionally, we have introduced a new feature “Ask a Q to speakers/SMEs” offering delegates to meet a speaker and SME. Full details can be seen on website.

Does there exist a dress-code for the event, formal or informal, which regards to attendees, presenters, and booth operators?

We recommend business dress code for the event. There is no separate dress code for dinner.

Are there any marketing materials you need us to provide you with in advance – logo, brochure, banners, product descriptions, etc.?

All this information is requested in the initial booking form. Additionally, our marketing team may require specific information to support you with designing promotional materials featuring your presence.

When and how do you provide list of conference attendees:

We provide delegate list to all eligible sponsors in xls format post Expo. Please note due to stringent data protection laws, contacts details are not shared unless delegates explicitly authorised us to do so.

Partners can also order for scanners should they wish to record the information of delegates who visits their stand. More details on scanner can be seen in Question 5 above.

AOB ?-

We have an App for Project Controls Expo. We strongly recommend having this installed on all delegates device Please visit for its benefits with most important being its networking feature and QR code allowing delegates to print the badge on site.

end faq

What is the deadline for registration?

Attendees/Delegates are welcome to register until the event date. Please note we may close the registration page once we reach capacity hence we recommend you secure your place ASAP.

Can I make payment via credit card instead of PayPal and can I make the payment over the phone?

Even if you do not have PayPal account, you can use your credit card to make the payment via PayPal. If you choose to make the payment over the phone, please email us with your contact details and our team will contact you to collect the payment. It is important to highlight that we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. Please note your registration is successful soon after the payment.

How do I arrange meeting with SME (Subject Matter Expert)?

Delegates gets an opportunity to interact with our SME by sending the request in advance via app or website. Delegate will be allocated a specific time for the meeting – subject to availability and first come first serve basis. More information at

How do I send Q’s to speaker?

Delegates gets an opportunity to send their questions to our speaker in advance via app or website. All Q’s will be sent to the respective speaker to allow him/her to respond at the end of their session. More information at

Are lunch, beverages and "evening social" included in my registration?

Yes, ALL mentioned above are included in the registration fees

Is there a dinner event?

Yes, it is "complimentary" for Partners, Speakers & Special Dignitaries. Delegates can join by paying £100 + VAT on registration. If you decide at a later date to add the dinner option to your registration, please contact us at including your full name and contact details, for guidance on how to make the additional payment.

I already registered for the conference, but I cannot attend. Can I cancel the registration?

Yes, you may cancel your registration to the expo by writing to us at 7 days before the event date and claim the FULL refund.

Is there any group discount for the conference?

Discount Corporate Registration Discount (promo code needed). If you are registering five (5) or more people from the same company you can register at a reduced rate and receive the discount price. Please contact us at for the discount code needed.

How and where do I make a hotel reservation?

There are plenty of accommodation options around Arsenal stadium. Please visit the accommodation section of our Venue section for preferred hotel and discounts available.

How do I come from airport to the conference/hotel?

Visit our Venue section , under ‘Direction’ section, to find out the various options.

Where do I park?

Arsenal Stadium is well connected to the public transport system. All the details are listed under "venue section". If delegates choose to visit by car, you can find the car parking options by visiting 3rd party websites such as parkopedia.

I have a promo code for the event to make it free or for partial discount. How should I proceed?

If you have a promo/special code that allows you to register FREE, please enter the same and you would be able to register without paying any charges. Please note, while using the code, should you opt for additional/optional features such as Event Dinner or Stadium tour, the listed price will apply.

I need to apply for UK visa to attend Expo. Can you help with documentation?

Yes, please send following info - Full name, Passport #, Place and Date of Birth, Place of work and Employer (& title) to to allow us to send you invitation letter. Please note, we do NOT guarantee the visa outcome and it is at sole discretion of UK Embassy in your region.

Contact details please?

Please contact our marketing team using the following options if you wish to sponsor, promote or support Expo. E: | P: +44 (0) 1932796348 /M: + 44 (0) 7880 883722 . Delegates should contact us via email ONLY.

Is there an Event Brochure?

Yes, please visit Agenda to find out or you can also click here

How far is the private box or Partners’ Lounge from my stand at Highbury suite? How many people could this box accommodate?

A- Please Refer to find location of executive boxes. It’s 2-4 min walk from main your stand. These exec boxes can accommodate 8-10 people and they overlook the pitch making it a great experience. You can bring your flip chart or anything that you need in that room. We can help you with layout of the room as per your requirements - default meeting room style.

end faq

How do I download Expo app?

Please see the pdf to find your guide to the Expo app.

Do I need to re-install the Expo App for this year or can I use the App from last year?

You will need to delete the app installed in 2016 and ealrier. In 2017, we have developed an in-house version which will automatically get updated for all future event so that you don’t have to uninstall/install every year post 2017 version.

How do I get the Expo app log in detail?

Once the registration process is completed, you will receive a confirmation email, which would also contain your login details for App.

How do I arrange meeting with SME (Subject Matter Expert)?

Delegates gets an opportunity to interact with our SME by sending the request in advance via app or website. Delegate will be allocated a specific time for the meeting – subject to availability and first come first serve basis. More information at

How to Log in to App?

To allow you to install the app, follow the link, as provided in the confirmation mail and download the app from Apple store or Google Play store.

Do I need to print my event badge, using QR scanner present in the app?

You don’t have to print the badge. Like every year, you would be given your delegate badge at the admission counter in the venue on event day. The app provides you unique QR code, which will also be scanned and badge will be printed at the venue.

Please Note : If you do not use smartphone/ handheld devices and/or if you are using Blackberry or Windows phone, the badge will be prepared onsite. Just bring the copy of confirmation email with you to allow us to prepare a badge for you.

What are the benefits of App?

Detailed information at

end faq

Do I need to register via the website?

NO, we will get you registered at our end and will contact you for the required information.

Will I get any promo code to invite my colleagues or clients?

YES, we will send you a special promo code to invite up to 5 delegates.

How do I get my log in details to download and install the Expo app?

We will send you a personalized email with your Expo app log in details (i.e., username and password)

Am I invited to the evening dinner?

YES, we will be delighted to have you as our guest at the dinner.

Can I take part in the stadium tour?

YES, you may take part in the stadium tour. However, you would have to inform us prior to the event.

Are there menu options for the dinner?

YES, menu options and special requirements will be requested 2-3 weeks before the event.

Do I require a special PowerPoint template for my presentation?

YES, this will be supplied to you.

Am I able to adjust the PowerPoint template in layout?

Please check with us before changing the template.

Is there a room for speakers where we can work or make calls during the day if required?

YES, we will have a Green Room for speakers to utilise if required.

Do you have a rough idea of what time my slot is?

A- 45 minutes.

How long will you let me speak for? (I could talk for ever if not limited!)

A- approximately 35 minutes plus allow 5-10 minutes for Q&A.

Any other conditions or considerations I should know about? I assume I give you my slides ahead of time and you load them on your system, could I play video clips etc if I want to?

A- No conditions, all we will need is final slide pack before the session. No restrictions on type of content but avoid large embedded files.

Can I alter the Expo presentation template?

We request you to keep the Expo presentation template unchanged, just so that the theme of the Expo could be maintained.

We understand that some organisations have strict brand guidelines and Press/Comms departments insist that presentations are only made on company templates.
We will have to consider your application if such a request is made.

Is there a left luggage area for overnight bags?

Yes. The luggage left back with a label (can be seen on our venue page) put on it, and get it collected within 3 days.

Do I need to carry my presentation in a pen drive or any of my devices, on the event day?

All the presentations will be loaded on our computers which will be installed in each presentation rooms. Speakers can get their presentation in pen drive as back up. All the presentations will be uploaded on app one week before the event.

end faq