Throughout this hybrid event, we will have specialist workshops and a total of five parallel tracks on day 3, showcasing a wide range of presentations spread over a total of five distinct zones. Click over each of the zones for further details.

This stream discusses the fundamental elements of project controls’ disciplines in detail. It provides further education and understanding aimed for beginners and intermediate project controls’ professionals. This is an exceptional opportunity for individuals who have just entered the project controls’ profession, or who wish to gain insight on the various sub-functions of project controls.
Our technology partners will be presenting seven in-depth 45-minutes sessions where they will demonstrate the functionality and capabilities of their innovative products. The partners will provide industry case-studies, and some will be represented by their clients from industry.

You will be able to visit these partners for further information at their stands following their presentations.

“Real World” problems and issues are what brings the application of project controls alive. This case-study zone enables you to discuss the application of project controls and how they address the problems in a real-life project environment. This zone provides an opportunity to learn and share knowledge with others.

These workshops will be organised by PCE directly. The topics in consideration are AACE CCP Certification Prep. Overview, BIM and AACE PSP Certification Prep. Overview in Project Controls.

Workshop AACE CEP Certification Prep.
One full day session

Workshop AACE PSP Certification Prep.
One full day session

BIM Workshop
09:00 - 12:00 (morning session)
13:00 - 16:30 (afternoon session)

Workshop AACE CCP Certification Prep.
One full day session

The Masterclass Zone presents a fantastic opportunity to study and discuss the theory and practice of project controls. Our highly experienced project controls’ professionals from around the world, will provide 7 educational presentations that enable you to build and enhance your knowledge and skillset.
We treat Megaprojects as large-scale, complex ventures with budgets of >$1 billion They take many years to develop and build but make a long-lasting impact on the economy, environment and society affecting millions of people. Here you will discover how to use sound governance, while protecting the investments megaprojects represent.