What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is an online space in which people can gather and interact virtually. By using AV technology, virtual events can be as immersive and engaging as live events, and they allow companies to creatively deliver content and share information without the need of people coming together physically.

What are the main benefits of attending a virtual event?

How do I register for the Project Controls Expo Virtual 2022 event?

What is the last day for registration?

What are the main benefits of attending a virtual event?

What are the preferred system requirements to access the platform?

Can I perform a system check on my system ?

Is there a mobile app for the virtual platform ?

What are the date & time for the event?

What can I access with my ticket to the event?

Will the presentations be recorded & available for public viewing after the event?

How many booths will there be?

All of our 30+ partners will have a virtual booth available in the 'Partners Showcase' area.

Where can I view the media pack for Expo sponsorship?

Are there any additional services that you offer, such as meeting coordination at the event?

Are there any marketing materials you need us to provide in advance?

When and how do you provide a list of conference attendees?

Is there an app for the event?

As a ‘supported by’ professional body what do we get?

Do you offer recognised PDU hours allocation for this conference?

Where do I log-in for using the virtual platform?

To access the PCE Virtual platform, please visit the 'virtual access' on our website & login using the credentials provided in the event registration confirmation email.
In case you didn't get the login email, please visit the virtual access page, click login and then click on "forgot password." Please enter the email you used for registration and click "send." You will get the link to change your password that will also allow you to access the platform.
Login page link: Click here
Forgot password link: Click here

Where can I find the agenda or the list of live presentations scheduled for the event?

Can I chat with the speaker?

Will I be notified in any way if I'm interested to join a particular presentation ?

Where can I find the booth of different partners or vendors?

Can I chat with the booth person/admin?

Where can I find the documents associated to a partner?

Will I be able to download the documents?

How can I filter the booths based on the region it belongs to?

How can I connect with a particular partner or company socially?

What should I do to get redirected to the partners website? Where can I find a link for a partner's company website ?

Am I allowed in any way to connect with any other delegate present on the platform?

How to verify that a delegate is online?

Where can I find a list of past events ?

How can I change my password ?

Can I connect my LinkedIn ID with my PCE Virtual account?

Is it mandatory to connect my LinkedIn account?

Once connected with LinkedIn, am I allowed to disconnect it at my will?

How to connect to PCE in case of any confusion or concern?

Is there a joining instructions for delegates?

How do I arrange meeting with SME (Subject Matter Expert)?

What is the deadline for cancelling a registration?

Can I make a payment via credit card instead of PayPal? or can I make the payment over the phone?

What should I do if I get a registration failure? Is there anyone I can contact?

Do you offer recognised PDU hours allocation for this conference?

I have a promo code which allows for free registration. Please advise what's included in the code.

How do I send a question to a speaker?

What are the criteria for submitting a technical paper?

Is there a group discount for the conference?

I have a promo code for the event to make it free or for partial discount. How should I proceed?

How can I promote my company at the Expo?

Is there an event brochure?

How to earn PDU's for attending the expo?

How to login in the speaker area?

How to access the presentation area ?

The presentation area can be accessed after logging in to the platform. Please click on the 'Conference' button to access the presentation area.

How to answer the queries raised by the audience during presentations?

Can I showcase videos during my presentation?

What I can present?

How to add a video during presentation?

How to switch on just the mic during presentation?

Where can I find the booth of different partners or vendors?

How to interact with a partner when I am visiting their booth?

Where should I login for accessing my booth?

Can I visit other booths as delegate?

Yes, as this is a web based platform, you can have multiple tabs open on your browser & can freely navigate through the entire platform, including other partner booths.

Can I talk to other booth admins?

Can I talk to delegates?

How to chat with the delegate visiting my booth?

How to know, who visited my booth?

Where to find other booths on website?

How to add tabs on my booths ?

How to add documents on my booth?

Can I view presentations in same way as a delegate ?

Will my chat be private or public?

Where can I find the chats I initiated with the delegates who visited my booth?

How to do a video chat with the delegate visiting my booth?

Will the delegate be able to send a message if I am busy with someone else?