Asia-Pacific Project Controls Innovation of the Year

What the judges are looking for

Judges are looking to recognise the use of innovation within Project Controls for projects (encompassing projects, programmes or portfolios) and see how its wider use within organisations and society can contribute to successful change.

Innovation could include a method employed, the overall novelty of the project or the transformative outcome in creating more professionalism by, for example, gaining inclusion into the various BoK’s (Body of Knowledge) that exist and therefore be available to be part of the daily practice of Project Control professionals wherever they are.

Each of the criteria is scored between 0 (no evidence at all) and 10 (perfect evidence) with each section being weighted accordingly (see %).

Saving your application:
It is possible to save the content of your entry by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on “SAVE”. This will give you a personal ID number that can be used to return to the site and continue your application at a later date.
Submitting your application:
You will be required to enter all of the fields before being able to submit your form once the “Submit” button is used, the form cannot be edited and the ID number will no longer be valid.

IMPORTANT: Please note that each section has a specific maximum number of words - however it is not compulsory to use the suggested maximum word count. Also, bear in mind that all items with an asterisk are mandatory.

Entry Form

Details of the joint partner for this entry
Company Name
First Name
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Preferred Email

Context: Up to 250 words

Describe the background of the project and the specific innovation including how the need for it arose. What specific aspect of professionalism was it aimed at addressing?

Words Left:

Delivery: Up to 250 words

Describe the methods and techniques used to effectively manage the delivery of the innovation including outputs, outcomes and any benefits. How did this positively impact the ultimate delivery? Was it still ultimately delivered on time, to budget and to the required standard?

Words Left:

Interfaces: Up to 250 words

How did the management of the innovation interface with other areas and disciplines? Outline any disciplines, challenges or barriers that needed to be overcome.

Words Left:

People: Up to 250 words

Outline who worked on the project, who came up with the innovation and explain how they were motivated. Explain how the innovation and attitude of the innovator, and their relationships, were effectively managed. How was a professional approach developed and maintained throughout?

Words Left:

Challenges: Up to 250 words

What difficulties were encountered during the implementation of the innovation within your project? How did you or the business overcome these challenges?

Words Left:

Innovation: Up to 500 words

  • Explain in detail what the specific innovation was and how it was used to transform the way Project Controls were utilized within the project to assist its delivery
  • What tools and techniques were used to manage this specific innovation?          
  • How did this impact the successful delivery of the project? How can the universal profession benefit because of this innovation?
  • Do you expect this innovation to reflect in future BoK (Body of Knowledge) publications e.g. APM BoK or PMI BoK? If not, why not?

Words Left:

Lessons learned: Up to 250 words

  • What were the key lessons learned from this innovation that have been captured and shared within your organisation or project?
  • What methods were used to document and then share these experiences internally?
  • What process has been utilised to share it to wider society?

Words Left:

What results have been seen to date from the innovation? 

Up to 250 words

Words Left:

What realistic future results are expected from the innovation and how will this be measured?

Up to 250 words

Words Left:

Describe the results of your project and the benefits to your organisation. How did your project achieve what it set out to do?

Up to 250 words

Words Left:

Describe the results and benefits for your project team. What will the project team take away with them into the next project?

Up to 250 words

Words Left:

Describe the results and the benefits for the customer/end user. Why was your project seen as a success?

Up to 250 words

Words Left:

Describe the results and benefits for other stakeholders. How does the successful delivery of this project benefit wider society?

Up to 250 words

Words Left:

Describe why should this entry be considered for an award: Up to 100 words

Words Left:


Please ensure to attach the following collaterals, which are compulsory for submitting your application.

Note: The below collaterals will not be used as part of the judging process. But instead, as part of the AV on Awards’ night, should your entry be shortlisted.

Also, please ensure that the file names for the logo and image are different from each other



There will be no discussions or interviews with applicants of the awards' submissions.

Each written submission and documents are reviewed by a team of independent, professional, industry judges who will not confer on entries. Their decisions are final. Please note our terms and conditions document on

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