Is there a guideline for how to plan for the event day?

Do you have any guidance on logistics for delivery and/or collection ?

Do you have a checklist for Sponsors/Partners to help them with setting up their stand?


  1. WiFi - There is a common wi-fi setup, that is used by everyone - delegates and partners. You will be notified on arrival
  2. Table Size
    3m X 1.5m for Silver Sponsors
    4m X 1.5m for Gold Sponsors
    6m X 1.5m for Platinum Sponsors
    8m X 1.5m for Headline Sponsors
    There is also the option to upgrade a standard size to large (3.5m X 3m) for AU$500 + GST
  3. Chairs - Up to 4 chairs will be available on request. Please ensure to advice of number of chairs required no later than THREE weeks prior to event date.
  4. Electrical outlets – There will be two electrical outlets provided to each sponsor stand to be used throughout the Expo, should you have any further questions or requirements contact us at:
  5. Computer screens (and cables) -We do not provide these. However, most LCD screens when connected to laptops can be used as computer screens. LCD screens can also be ordered and pricing can be seen on the venue page . Please ensure to order requirements no later than THREE weeks prior to event date.
  6. TV Screen for rolling display –There is a range of options available. Please see our media pack for details and pricing. Please ensure to order requirements no later than THREE weeks prior to event date.
  7. What other options are there? All exhibitors are offered a complimentary table along with standard chairs and table cloth. Should you have any specialist or custom furniture requirement, please contact MCG’s preferred supplier. Please ensure to place your order no later than THREE weeks prior to event date.
  8. When can the stand be set up? - Partners can set-up their stands on Monday 13th November between 14:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs and/or Tuesday morning 14th November 2023, between 07:00 hrs – 07:30 hrs. Please carry the promotional items and/or pull-up banners, along with you to the venue when you set-up the stand on 13th or 14th November 2023.
  9. Are there any restrictions to what we can bring? - There are no restrictions if they fit within the stand space and do not cause any health and safety issues on site.
  10. Can I see examples of stands at previous events? Yes, please see the collection of images below from our event last year.


Where can I view the media pack for Expo sponsorship?

How to place order for AV equipment?

How can I order for specialist/custom furniture for the event?

How many people are allowed to man the stand?

Can I bring my own equipment and screen to the event?

Is parking available at the stadium?

How do I collect my badge?

How to hire a badge scanner for the event days?

Are there any additional services that you offer, such as meeting coordination at the event etc?

Is there a dress code? If so does it vary on your role?

Are there any marketing materials you need us to provide in advance?

Do you provide a list of conference attendees?

What does my free access to the Partner Showcase include?

As a ‘supported by’ professional body what do we get?

Do you offer recognised CPD/PDU hours allocation for this conference?

Is there any joining instruction for Delegates?

How do I collect my badge?

What is the deadline for cancelling a registration?

Can I make payment via credit card instead of PayPal or can I make the payment over the phone?

What should I do if I get a registration failure? Is there anyone whom I can get in touch with?

I didn’t receive the registration email. What should I do?

How should I retrieve my login username/password?

Do you offer recognised CPD/PDU hours allocation for this conference?

I have a promo code which allows for free registration. Please advise what's included in the code.

How do I send Q’s to one of the speakers?

What are the criteria for submitting a technical paper?

Are the food and beverages included in my registration?

Can I attend the Awards’ dinner?

Is there a group discount for the conference?

How and where do I make a hotel reservation?

How do I travel from the airport to the conference/hotel?

Where do I park?

I have a promo code for the event to make it free or for partial discount. How should I proceed?

I need to apply for Australian visa to attend Expo. Can you help with documentation?

How can I promote my company at the Expo?

Is there an Event Brochure?

What does my free access to the Partner Showcase include?

What is the last day for registration?

Do I need to register via the website for the Event

Do I require a special PowerPoint template for my presentation?

When do you need the final version of my slide deck? Can I play video clips during my presentation?

How do I collect my badge?

Can I alter the Expo presentation template?

How long is my time slot?

Do I need to carry my presentation in a USB drive or any of my devices, on the event day?

Is there a room for speakers where we can work or make calls during the day if required?

Is there any additional benefit that I would receive as a Speaker?

Will I get a promo code to invite my colleagues or clients to the Expo?

Am I invited to the Awards Black Tie and Gala Dinner?

Are there menu options for the Awards Black Tie and Gala Dinner?

What is the last day for registration?

Are there any joining instructions for the Awards’ dinner?

How many Awards’ dinner tickets can be arranged?

Do I need to advise of any dietary requirements?

Are there cloakrooms?

What is the evening schedule for the Awards programme?

Is there a dress code for the Awards’ dinner?

What is a Black-Tie dress code?

Can I turn up on the night?

Will there be a professional photographer on the night?

How do I download the Expo app?

Do I need to re-install the Expo app for this year or can I use the app from last year?

How do I get my login details?

How do I retrieve my forgotten password?

I can't see some updates on the App. What should I do?

Where can I find the agenda or the list of live presentations scheduled for the event?

Can I interact with other delegates attending the event?

Can I connect my LinkedIn ID with my PCE mobile app?

Is it mandatory to connect my LinkedIn account?

Once connected with LinkedIn, am I allowed to disconnect it at my will?

How to connect to PCE team in case of any confusion or concern?