Project Controls Technical Papers


This page lists some of the approved technical papers that were submitted earlier for Project Controls Expo. We are in process of seeking approval for remaining papers and this page will be updated as we receive them.

Title Author File Size Download
Using Artificial Intelligence for dynamic final cost prediction of projects
Cuong Quang
587 KB
Risk Management on Ultra Mega Power Projects
Abhijit Kumar Dubey
558 KB
Getting Project out of the woods: Project Managers when called in as Fire Fighters
Vikki Kapoor
324 KB
Risk Management on Mega-Infrastructure Projects: Combatting Complexity Underestimation
Jessica Schilling and John Byrne, Australia, HKA
264 KB
Implementation of Program Control Management On a Multibillion Dollar Project
Saty D. Satyamurti, Consulting Engineer, Arlington, TX, 76017, USA
114 KB
How Ready Are You To Innovate & The Role ISO Standards Can Play
Peter Glasheen, Stratovation, Australia & Guresh Ahuja, Innovative Value and Project Management
359 KB

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