Covid has completely transformed the way we work in the last two years. It has altered the way we complete projects and prompted us to explore new ways to deliver tasks. However, for some organisations managing projects in the times of a pandemic was a real challenge, especially if your organisation was required to try out remote work without any preplanning.

If your organisation was managing large-scale projects, events, or initiatives involving hundreds of individuals, it may have appeared impossible to deliver. But this may have resulted in the introduction of innovative methods that enabled it to become a manageable task with the right tools, approaches, and structures.

We would like to hear from you about how project preparation and implementation became more adaptable in organisations as a result of Covid-19?

How did the delivery of projects/programmes changed over time?​

Have you or your organisation been able to complete projects effectively during these challenging times?

When it required a slightly different strategy, the implementations were still delivered successfully while everyone was working remotely, and maybe some organisations/individuals may have even set some records in the process.

So, let us know how you were able to overcome the challenges during these testing times, while still successfully delivering your projects, by submitting an entry to our brand-new category called: Asia-Pacific Project Controls During Covid Times.

Why submit an entry?​

The judges are looking for outstanding successes in project controls (which includes projects, programmes, and/or portfolios) that were delivered during difficult times. It could have been intellectual, inspirational, socially beneficial, or with a short-term/long-term influence.

We are now accepting entries for this new category

Before submitting your application, please check the criteria carefully and consider our rules of entry​ describes such a method.

Key dates:

Closing date Thursday, 23 June  
Finalists announced Thursday, 08 September  
Awards night and gala dinner Tuesday, 29 November