Join us at Project Controls Expo USA​ ​

Dinner for a night of exceptional networking! Connect with industry leaders, experts, and peers to forge valuable relationships and gain insights. Don't miss this chance to expand your network and make meaningful connections. Join our exclusive gathering designed for the dynamic world of project controls.​

Event Programme
The Project Controls Expo USA Dinner will
take place on Monday, 8 October 2024​ at
Nationals Park ​
18:00 – 22:00 ​ Drinks Reception following a Dinner ​

Why attend ?

  • Networking Opportunities:
    Engage with peers, potential clients, and industry leaders, expanding your professional network.​
  • Relationship Building:
    Cultivate stronger connections by meeting face-to-face, fostering trust and rapport in a more personal setting.​
  • Learning and Knowledge Sharing:
    Benefit from insights shared by guest speakers or through discussions, gaining valuable industry updates and perspectives.​
  • Personal Branding:
    Demonstrate your expertise and professionalism, enhancing your reputation within your field.​
  • Market Insights:
    Stay abreast of industry trends and developments, gaining valuable market intelligence to inform your decisions.​
  • Personal Growth:
    Challenge yourself, expand your comfort zone, and enhance your confidence and communication abilities.​

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